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Romanian Intelligence Service's Awareness Program concurs to achieving our goals in preventing threats to national security from happening.
In an extremely dynamic environment, we use the experience we acquired in our areas of expertise and focus our efforts and resources on identifying, understanding, and responding properly to new security challenges.


Our Program is dedicated to managers and employees of the entities that could be facing risks and threats regarding national security - central and local public authorities and institutions, strategic companies and other such public or private entities.


Our Awareness Program aims to:

  • raise the awareness of our beneficiaries regarding possible vulnerabilities and risk factors with impact on institutional and national security to which they may be exposed given their job or professional activity;
  • strengthen the security culture by developing personal mechanisms of reaction and defense when becoming aware of risks.


The awareness activities are free of charge and may vary in format - conferences, workshops, lectures, trainings.

The Romanian Intelligence Service experts conduct interactive sessions adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries, within which audio/video materials are used and relevant case studies on national security topics are tackled.


Anti-terrorism awareness - we approach current complex aspects about indicators of radicalization that develop in the case of some people, elements of conduct in situations with terrorist risk, as well as general rules of auto-protection.

Prevention of ideological extremism awareness - 'What are the possible indicators of extremism?', 'What can they be correlated with?', 'How can the extremists' actions affect the activity of an organization?', or 'How can an optimal security climate be maintained?' - these are only some of the questions to which we answer during the awareness activities.

Cyber security awareness - we speak about the types of actors who run cyber attacks and their targets, as well as measures of personal and institutional security regarding this kind of events.

Protection of classified information awareness - our recommendations target the management of sensitive and classified information in a conscious and responsible manner in order to prevent security incidents and prejudice to national security or to the interests of the entities that own the classified information.

Counterespionage awareness - 'Who do the spies target through their actions?', 'How can they get information?', 'What does a proactive conduct of employees of an organization when traveling abroad mean?'- these are some of the questions regarding this complex field.

Economic security awareness - Security assessments on the economic field reveal actions of global actors and interest groups that engage in new forms of competition. Taking into account the more complex security challenges for Romania's strategic interests, we aim to develop security education in the economic field.

Counter-proliferation awareness - our target is to make the beneficiaries aware of the risks of mass destruction weapons, 'modus operandi' of entities involved in illicit transactions, as well as legislation in the field of export control.


You can access the Program through a written demand by email (, by post (sent to B-dul Libertăţii nr. 14, sector 5, Bucureşti) or by completing the registration form (found here).

If you have any questions regarding the Awareness Program, you can contact the members of the Awareness Team at +40.739.861.500.