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Research, development, technological innovation

Research, development and innovation for the purpose of ensuring technological independence have been a requirement and a necessity for the Romanian Intelligence Service since its inception, bringing it in line with the standards of Western national security services and institutions. In a world whose trajectory is increasingly influenced by technology, in which threats to national security take on new technical dimensions, the development of systems that provide first and foremost protection and security and, in addition, adequate tools for combating threats, becomes a necessity in terms of performance.

The Institute for Advanced Technologies (ITA) is SRI's specialized unit which, due to its vision, strategy, teamwork, predictability, sustained effort and desire for success, ensures the adequate and sustainable technological development of the Service in order to strategically anticipate the risks posed by technological innovations to state institutions and national security.

ITA's concerns are constantly directed towards emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, virtual and augmented reality, computational acceleration, edge computing, Internet of Things, 5G, robotics, etc. The Institute provides the bridge to future disruptive technologies, is the driver of institutional technology transformation and aligns SRI with the latest developments in the field.

ITA implements research-development-innovation projects in order to provide technological support to SRI's current activity on all organizational levels and assists partner institutions of the National Defense, Public Order and Security System for the same purposes.

To achieve its missions, ITA cooperates with academic and private entities for the development of innovations and prototypes, promotes technical solutions in different settings and cooperation formats, both domestic and international, collaborates from a technical point of view with partner services and constantly invests in the specialization and certification of human resources through courses, expo-conferences, workshops and technology presentations.

For us at ITA, the most important resources are the intellectual capital and innovative skills of our colleagues.