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Protection of Classified Information

The Bureau for Supervising State Secrets is a structure within the Romanian Intelligence Service. Its general expertise covers the coordination of activities and exerting control over measures regarding the protection of classified information belonging to public authorities and institutions, economic operators and other public or private legal entities.

In other words, the Bureau:

  • contributes to developing the national standards for protecting classified information;
  • advises and grants support for identifying the facilities and sites of special importance for protecting state secret information, at the request of the heads of public institutions and economic operators that hold such information;
  • supervises and monitors the manner in which the legal regulations regarding the protection of classified information are applied and observed by the entities within its area of expertise;
  • provides specialized assistance to the holders of classified information, with the purpose of implementing the security standards stipulated by the specific legislation;
  • grants approvals for prevention programs against the leak of classified information drawn by the entities holding classified information;
  • grants clearances for natural persons requiring access to classified information, based on security checks performed in accordance with the legal provisions;
  • performs the necessary security checks for granting industrial security clearance so that ORNISS (The National Registry Office for Classified Information) can issue the industrial security clearance/certificate for the legal entities involved in negotiating/implementing classified contracts;
  • organizes training sessions for the responsible personnel, also making a contribution to the prevention education/security education, in accordance with the legal provisions;
  • checks the classified information protection measures implemented by the entities in its area of expertise, ascertains violations of the regulations for the protection of classified information and applies the necessary sanctions.