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The Romanian Intelligence Service is committed to identifying, preventing and countering espionage activities carried out by foreign intelligence services in our country against the interest of Romania and its allies. Identifying and countering such activities amount in fact to an intelligence “game”, which is one of the most challenging and demanding missions. Our activity entails professional excellence (in terms of human, technical and logistic resources) and cooperation with other state institutions, but also with foreign partner services. As counterespionage is a discreet activity, its achievements remain most of the time unknown to the general public.

What do we actually do? We identify the individuals and actions by means of which foreign intelligence services try to obtain intelligence on political, military, technological or economic activities for the purpose of altering or influencing strategic decisions, unlawfully promoting their own interest to the detriment of the Romanian state and its partners or carrying out cyber-attacks. We also strive to protect critical information and procedures that might pose a threat to vital national interests if compromised. 

The main target of an espionage activity is the person who, by virtue of their status and professional responsibilities, has access to information that might be of interest for a foreign entity, which could influence the decision-making process or convey messages that are detrimental to our country’s national interest.