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Analysis and Information

Who We Are

The department that coordinates analysis and information process at the level of the Service

We have the task to obtain information, centralize it and share it with our legal beneficiaries. Our structure is headed by the deputy director for analysis, international cooperation and planning departments and we have a tight cooperation with all central and territorial analysis structures.

What We Do

Our main activity is multi-source and trans-sectorial analysis

The need to organize, systematize and interpret the obtained data and information represents a concern in all areas of social life.

In national security,  our department has the task to organize knowledge within the SRI. To be more precise, we filter, connect and interpret data obtained from all our sources.

The analytical process delivers products that reflect, in a coherent and substantiated manner, risks to national security or opportunities to promote Romania’s interests.

Within the intelligence activities, the analytical process is meant as a link between the collection of information and the dissemination of information to the state decision-makers.

Main Purpose

The main purpose is to inform our legal beneficiaries

In a dynamic world, we are trying to provide our beneficiaries with the essence of the information they need in order to make the most adequate decisions with respect to national security.

…and to help our operatives decrease the level of uncertainty that affect the core areas of national security

We contribute to obtaining a general perspective on the situation, similarly to decoding a mystery. Within the process, creative thinking is as important as critical thinking.

How We Do It

  • We contextualize separate and apparently meaningless pieces of information, we integrate them in a coherent context and we turn them into explanations, evaluations and forecasts;

  • We remove the “sterile” pieces of information in order to make use of the relevant aspects;

  • We identify changes in the manifestation of threats, we define scenarios of evolution and find out all implications for national security.