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Intelligence Analysis

In the process of intelligence analysis, which is essential in the Service’s activity, data gathered from secret or open sources are objectively filtered, connected, and interpreted.

Pieces of seemingly unconnected or insignificant information can be thus placed in context and included in coherent overviews that substantiate explanations, assessments and forecasts on national security topics. Even though it may seem simple, this is in fact a complex refining process. It requires not only wits, a critical and creative mind, but also solid knowledge on the topic under scrutiny.

To be more precise, the task of the analyst is to decide what information is both relevant and timely, to detect threat changes and developments, to draft forecasts on alternative evolutions and to point out the consequences and possible courses of action for each case scenario.

Finally, the analytical product is timely disseminated to the legal beneficiaries in order to support them in:

  • Drafting and implementing strategies or courses of action aimed at preventing the materialization of risks;
  • Adopting adequate measures for promoting national interests.