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Cooperation and Partnership

The global and asymmetric nature of threats to the current security environment and the diversity of state and non-state actors render the cooperation among intelligence services a mandatory condition for the success of their specific missions. The exchange of data, methods, and good practices as well as joint operations with foreign partners are an important component of the current activity of SRI.

The first international contacts were established shortly after the setting up of the institution, in 1990 – 1991. Since then, the international cooperation of SRI has developed constantly and has become increasingly complex. Currently, within prestigious Clubs and cooperation platforms, SRI has bi- and multilateral relations with 119 intelligence and secret services, and law enforcement agencies with similar responsibilities, from 64 countries.

In order to accomplish Romania’s commitments as NATO and EU member state, SRI takes part in the activity of departments and structures with responsibilities in coordinating, monitoring and implementing Euro-Atlantic security policies: NATO Office of Security (NOS), NATO Intelligence Unit (IU), NATO or Europol Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD), Security Directorate of the European Commission, Security Office of the EU Council.

SRI also cooperates with security departments and structures of international bodies and organizations (UN, OSCE, Interpol, and the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation).

We take a constant interest in developing our cooperation based on reciprocity and confidentiality. We are equally interested in preserving the trust we have earned through professionalism and efficiency.