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Screeners conducting screening process at all civil aviations airports in Romania are military personnel of the Antiterrorist Brigade, a specialized unit of the Romanian Intelligence Service, and are cleared by the Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority (RCAA) for conducting such an activity.

In order to achieve specific tasks, the screeners in charge with screening process are undergoing a continuous training process during their entire career to keep pace with the dynamics and the changes specific to the field. The process of implementing Community rules in the field of civil aviation security is continuously monitored and audited by both the implementing structures and the national and European institutions in the field.

Screening process

Screening process is one of the most important security measures at an airport. It aims at identifying threats that can eventually turn into acts of unlawful intervention on aircraft.

In order to prevent/ thwart such actions and to protect people in airport public areas, the Antiterrorist Brigade carries out the following activities at the airport:

  • screening process of passengers and cabin and hold luggage;
  • screening process of crew members/ persons other than passengers and items carried by them;
  • screening process of cargo and mail, in-flight supplies, airport supplies, air carrier mail and materials;
  • screening process of vehicles cleared to enter security areas of an airport;
  • necessary protection measures and fast response actions to thwart an attack launched in the public area in order to prevent it or mitigate its effects.

When conducting screening process, the rules apply uniformly to all passengers and there is no different / preferential treatment.


Civil aviation security is regulated by norms developed by national institutions, European and international organizations in the field. Screening process as part of this system falls under these rules, on all its components. The main normative acts regulating airport security are the following:

  • Law no. 535/2004 on the prevention and combating of terrorism;
  • Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 of the European Parliament and Council of March 11, 2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation security and repealing Regulation (EC) No. 2320/2002, as subsequently amended and supplemented;
  • European Commission Regulation (EU) No.1998/ 2015 of November 5, 2015 laying down detailed measures for the implementation of common basic standards on aviation security, as amended and supplemented;
  • Decision (EU) No. 8005/2015 laying down detailed measures for the implementation of common basic standards on aviation security containing information as referred to in Article 18 (a) of Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008, as amended and supplemented (not public, access to this information being restricted based on the need to know principle);
  • The National Aviation Security Program (PNSA) approved by Government Decision No.1193/ 2012 - classified content;
  • Annex 17 to the Chicago Convention - classified content;
  • Internal Operating Procedures - classified content.