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Description of SRI's Crest

The SRI logo is made up of a round shield displaying a rock shaped like an eight-point star. The SRI initials are inscribed upon the rock. The heraldic motto is PATRIA A PRIORI and is found at the bottom of the shield, beneath the eight-point star. The logo is in white – blue enamel.


Symbolic Meaning of Colors

The round shield in white-blue enamel continues the tradition of modern Romanian heraldic markings, including the current coat of arms of Romania. Traditionally, blue is associated with stability, loyalty, intelligence, and truth, values that SRI embraces and whishes to protect. White is associated with light, purity, and ideals. Therefore, the white-blue combination in the SRI logo expresses in chromatic terms, our belief in values such as stability, loyalty, intelligence and truth that serve an ideal – PATRIA A PRIORI.


Symbolic Meaning of Heraldic Elements

The message conveyed by the two heraldic elements is that we embrace undying values. More precisely, the round shape of the shield represents the principle of self-regeneration, while the eight-point star, a forerunner of the octagon and a stylized graphical representation of the edelweiss, is one of the oldest solar symbols in the world. In ancient tradition, but also in the Christian one, the eight –point star and the octagonal shape symbolize resurrection and spiritual renewal.



The heraldic motto beneath the shield – PATRIA A PRIORI – completes the marking and highlights the essence of the SRI mission, which is to defend national security with loyalty, professionalism, and truth in full awareness of the undisputable and fundamental value of the Homeland.

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