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SRI values diversity and adaptability. We are certain that this is the only way we can face the challenges of an ever-changing security environment. We believe in the superior response capacity of teams made up of individuals with different training and social background. That is why we are looking for candidates from various environments, people with different, yet complementary professional and personal experience.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. According to the law, in order to become an SRI employee, you must fulfill certain requirements:

    • have Romanian citizenship and reside in Romania;
    • have a broad cultural background and the ability to express yourself correctly and fluently in Romanian;
    • have training in the area of interest;
    • have a good health;
    • have very good command of at least one foreign language in order to become an officer;
    • show adequate civil and moral conduct;
    • show respect for national values and laws;
    • show loyalty to the country, the principles and values of democracy and the rule of law.
  1. Also, you must make proof of certain abilities and skills:
  • high intelligence;
  • adaptability;
  • endurance to stress and long working hours;
  • superior ability to concentrate, as well as multi-tasking abilities;
  • perseverance;
  • desire to improve yourself constantly;
  • good mental and emotional balance;
  • good communication skills.

Your obligations:

  • you must observe the military oath and regulations;
  • you must carry out the orders of your commanders and superiors to the letter and in due time; you are responsible for the manner in which you carry out your missions;

It is forbidden to order military personnel to conduct activities against the law, the practice of war, and international conventions that Romania is party to; under these circumstances, refusal to carry out such orders does not entail criminal and / or civil penalties.

  • you must improve your professional training;
  • you must rigorously observe the level of classification (state secret, confidential, restricted) of the activities you carry out.

Denial / Limitation of Certain Rights and Freedoms

According to the law, SRI military personnel:

  • Cannot exercise the following rights:
  1. be a member of political parties, organizations or carry out propaganda by any means or conduct any other activities to their benefit or to that of an independent candidate running for public office;
  2. run for local public administration and for a seat in the Romanian Parliament as well as for President;
  3. go on strike or take part in a strike.
  • Have limited exercise of the following rights and freedoms:
  1. political views can be expressed only after working hours;
  2. public expression of opinions contrary to the interest of Romania and Romanian armed forces is not allowed;
  3. the circumstances in which active duty military personnel will be allowed to deliver military information publicly shall be decided by order of the SRI Director;
  4. military personnel can join religious rites freely, except those that, according to the law, breach public order as well as those that violate moral principles or interfere with one’s duties;
  5. any form of association either professional, technical-scientific, cultural, sport-recreational or charitable in nature is allowed with the observance of military regulations, except for trade unions or associations breaching unique command, military order and discipline;
  6. according to the law, one is free to marry. Getting married to a stateless individual or to a person who holds multiple citizenships depends on the prior approval of the SRI leadership;
  7. taking part in meetings, protests, processions or political or trade union gatherings is forbidden;
  8. one can travel abroad under the conditions set by the SRI leadership.

Active military personnel is forbidden from being owner or member in the board of a company or organization.