Serviciul Roman de Informatii


Meeting of FBI Director and SRI’s Acting Director
February 22, 2024

On February 20, 2024 the Acting Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, General Răzvan Ionescu, had a working meeting in Bucharest with FBI Director Christopher Wray.

During the discussions, several key topics related to the regional and global situation were addressed, as well as the prospects for further strengthening the partnership and cooperation between the SRI and FBI. Emphasis was placed on the importance of exchanging information and expertise between the two institutions.

The discussions focused on strengthening bilateral cooperation, with an emphasis on the operational aspects and joint capabilities aimed at countering risks that can create security challenges for both countries.

This cooperation covers several areas of immediate interest, such as the fight against transnational organized crime and cyber-attacks, areas where the SRI-FBI partnership has a long standing tradition.

One of the conclusions of the discussions was the need for further institutional transformation in order to effectively respond to the complexity of hybrid threats. The two officials agreed on the importance of pooling resources and addressing threats in an integrated manner, as well as strengthening inter- agencies cooperation.

The meeting reaffirmed the commitment of both parties to continue working together and sharing expertise for ensuring national security and countering emerging risks.