Serviciul Roman de Informatii


Press Release
13 January 2017

Following the information released by media, submitted to preliminary checks, on General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea, SRI Director Eduard Hellvig decided, according to procedures, to set up a special committee of inquiry into potential law or deontological breaches. Therefore, by the end of the investigation, General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea is at SRI director’s disposal, according to legal provisions, and first deputy director’s prerogatives will be assumed by Mr. Hellvig. All publicly released circumstances as well as documents presented by General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea are now being subject to verifications.

We mention that SRI has developed internal investigation mechanisms regarding law or internal regulation infringements, based on time-validated methodologies and procedures. Specialized internal bodies subordinated to SRI director carry out, whenever necessary, complex measures to check on information concerning potential breaches of law or military orders and regulations and subsequently adopt proper measures.

Our institution highly values the principle of legality governing Service’s entire activity, as a guarantee of observing human rights and the reputation of its personnel. We restate our determination to keep up with the standards of professionalism on which the alliances SRI is part of, together with partner services from renowned advanced democracies, are based.

We reiterate the Romanian Intelligence Service is carrying out its missions in good faith, serving national security and Romanian citizens interests.