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Gebeleizis 17 Antiterrorist Drill
05 April 2017

At the end of March, the Black Sea oil platform no. 7 was the central stage of the anti-terrorist exercise code-named Gebeleizis17 involving certain structures of the National System for Preventing and Combating Terrorism. According to the scenario, the oil rig is attacked and captured by terrorist elements who make political-related claims, threatening authorities with killing the platform crew and destructing the facility.

Under the technical oversight by SRI, as lead national authority for preventing and countering terrorism, personnel of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Protection and Guard Service participated in the exercise with complex air and naval forces that provided support to the main assault launched by the Antiterrorist Brigade.

The purpose of the joint drill with high degree of realism was to test practical arrangements for inter-institutional cooperation in a situation involving potential terrorism risk when combined reaction of all forces is vital. At the same time, the mission was also aimed at involving the private operator, owner of the offshore oil platform, in activities that require real-time coordination with state authorities, in the event of a terrorist crisis.

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