Serviciul Roman de Informatii


Press Release
19 January 2017

Following the checks carried out by the committee set up according to internal regulations, a report has been drafted clarifying all media allegations on General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea’s activity, as well as other publicly displayed issues related to the activity of certain Romanian Intelligence Service staff members.

We mention a complex, thorough investigation on all recently media released allegations has been carried out, all concerning issues being analyzed. Persons subject to checks have provided all their support, presented the necessary documents and offered full answers to all questions. The special committee report’s conclusions put forward during SRI Executive Board meeting stated Mr. Coldea’s activity subject to the examination did not result in elements considered as infringements to law or internal regulations in effect. Following the report, the Executive Board decided to reinstate General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea.

During the same meeting, First Deputy Director asked SRI Director Mr. Eduard Hellvig to be released from the office and placed at the institution’s disposal and need, after a 12-year tenure. First Deputy Director presented reasons pertaining to his military dignity and honor and to the risk of seriously affecting the institution’s activity. Therefore, SRI Director asked Romanian President for approving General-Lieutenant Florian Coldea’s retirement. First deputy director’s prerogatives were assumed by SRI Director Eduard Hellvig.

SRI restates its determination to fulfill its commitments, assumed in partnership with all national and international bodies it cooperates in order to defend national security interests and protect Romanian citizens, keeping up with Euro-Atlantic standards of professionalism. SRI remains firm in terms of making the institution transparent and observing internal evaluation and control procedures.